1507 comics

October 31, 2011 admin 0

we are university students that decided to use our procrastination to facilitate your entertainment. Please Enjoy.

Dressed For Success

October 26, 2011 admin 0

Alex Corbett and Walter Andrewkowski, two guys thrown together by chance, now making their way in a crazy universe one adventure at a time. All […]

Hidebound Street

October 18, 2011 admin 0

Hidebound Street: Tales of Broken Britain featuring crass yet lovable characters such as Sphereballs, Bruno & Monkey and many others.

Ratboy Is Dead

October 12, 2011 admin 0

Ratboy is Dead is about three kids who slowly realize their little world of fantasy isn’t so fantastical.

Justin Time

October 3, 2011 admin 0

Justin Time is a parody of the typical, goofy cartoon network type shows like Danny Phantom or fairly odd parents. (lol even though I like […]