Requiem for the Remnant

January 26, 2012 admin 0

A humorous and bloodthirsty take on the zombie apocalypse. The undead eat brains, not out of hunger but instinct. eating the brains of the living […]


January 24, 2012 admin 0

Continuum is the story of Surei, an immortal being maintaining the space-time continuum of her universe. When a sudden, unexplained disturbance in the timeline forces […]

Rescuing Dara

January 24, 2012 admin 0

Rescuing Dara is a Pokemon fan fiction comic loosely based off the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games. The protagonist is Chivai the Snivy, who sets out […]

Icy Moon Meadows

January 17, 2012 admin 0

The account of IMM, one of Granum’s moons. The story revolves around Boyce, a kid trying to make sense of his rapidly freezing (and small) […]

Superandom Comics

January 13, 2012 admin 0

A random gag-per-update comic containing inadequate superheroes, world explosions, dragon boogers, and other entertaining things. It is sure to win an Oscar someday.

Small Comic

January 7, 2012 admin 0

Here are all the comics we made featuring characters that do not reoccur in other strips. We exhausted their potential in one comic because we […]

Random Rambles

January 5, 2012 admin 0

A collection of short, semi-autobiographical comics featuring insomniacs, monkey chefs and sad sandals. The comics are presented in an “infinite canvas” format making them ideal […]

Dragomir’s Diary

January 4, 2012 admin 0

Dragomir’s just an ordinary guard in an extraordinary castle. Follow his crazy, woe-begotten antics as he tries to survive life in a fantasy land where […]

My Life Without A Jetpack

January 2, 2012 admin 0

My Life Without A Jetpack is a biographical webcomic about MaGnUs’ life, written by him, with art by Taibox. Published weekly in English and Spanish.