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Begun in late 2005, it started out as an attempt to post a robot or robot-like drawing every day. It has since morphed into a […]

Witch’s Quarry

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All’s fair game in love, war and species propagation! Champion Veolynn is about to embark on the strangest mission in all her career as a […]


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After weeks in hospital, Kate Crowley returns to school scarred, cursed and looking for revenge. But it won’t be easy: her targets are the untouchable […]

Anyone for Rhubarb?

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“Anyone for Rhubarb?” is a weekly updated experience, not unlike stepping on a jellyfish by accident – very squishy and weird …

All Canadians Must Die

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All Canadians Must Die is a single panel, one-time webcomic about Canada, Rush, and the hatred of Wikipedia editors.


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Humour meets gaming meets Geek mostly one panel cartoons and the ongoing slab saga

Pop Smoothie

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Pop Smoothie: Strange tales from the Blender is a weekly comic that is a distillation of the pop-culture invading my brain at the time I […]

Grey is…

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“Grey is… is the life that nobody wants to live but the bond that everyone craves.” Betrayed by the ones he cherished most, and after […]