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The Chronological Superman is Five Years Old Today!

It’s the 79th anniversary of the debut of Superman in Action Comics vol.1 No.1, but that’s not all!

The very first Chronological Superman entry appeared here on this day exactly five years ago. Since then, there have been more than 1,000 entries, a readership numbering more than 41,000 strong, and twenty-four years’ worth of comics, newspaper strips, movies, serials, television shows, radio serials and what-have-you gone under the bridge.

The site’s coverage of 1963 starts next week, meaning there are only 54 more years left to write about until we catch up with the modern day! Wooo! Thank goodness I’ve pared down the scope after the wrap-up of 1949, or else we’d be here for another fifteen years…

An excellent tumbl-blog, well worth a follow.

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