So I Just Watched… Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol.2 (Marvel…

So I Just Watched… Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol.2 (Marvel Studios //2017)

The first offering from Marvel Studios in 2017. Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol.2 is a solid sequel to the first installment but not one without a few issues. Heads up first: huge spoilers in the way!

The film opens 4 months after the last one. The Guardians had been hired by the Sovereign to avoid the theft of a priceless technology, they get the job done in one of the most hilarious openings to film ever, featuring the original line-up of the last film. After they are done they get together with Nebula who’s been on the run after the first film. Rocket manages to fuck it all up by stealing the technology they where supposed to guard in the first place making te Sovereign really pissed at them. While the team is being pursued they are saved by a mysterious figure in an egg-shaped ship. Crashing in a nearby planet they come face to face with their savior: Peter Quill’s dad, Ego – The Living Planet, Meanwhile Yondu is somewhere else being questioned by his men (The Ravagers) for his reluctante to pursue and punish Star-Lord after being deceived by him in the last film when he was supposed to hand over an Infinity Stone. He’s confronted by Starhawk (leader of another faction of Ravagers) about breaking the Ravager code for trafficking kids. Before the confrontation escalates The Sovereign appears and contract Yondu’s team to find The Guardians.

In another side of the galaxy Peter, Gamora and Drax are transported to Ego’s world with his assistant Mantis at their side. As Ego tries to convince Peter of the idea of the expansion of life over the universe he revelas himself as a Celestial (a very little one) and tells Peter he has the same qualities because of his mix with human genoma. It’s not long before the mischief of Ego is revealed: he’s been plating his “seed”all over the universe and having sons with every conceivable race to create another celestial who’s able to help him expand his power to another planets. Peter is the only one who has inherited the power to do so. From here on is up to the team to stop them however they can.

As I said up there, this is a rock solid sequel that have some minor issues that are vastly compensated with good points: first of all it sacrifices the epicness of the first film for a more personal story, we get a lot of character development for almost all of the characters. Props to James Gunn for pulling that one off with such a large cast. We get backgrounds or expansion in the story of every major character in the film. Highlights goes to Yondu and Nebula. The music, while great it doesn’t play a pivotal role like in the first film. The CGI while good, it feels a bit too invasive this time around, the cameos are endless, some of them from the last film, some of them of characters related to Marvel Cosmic, keep an eye for Howard the Duck, The Watchers, Adam Warlock and a few members of the original comics team of The Guardians. All in all this a great movie BUT if you are expecting forward movement to the Thanos storyline you’ll be dissapointed. Last but not least: this must be the easiest paycheck Vin Diesel has ever made in his life since Groot only speaks about 9 to 10 times in the whole film. The movie itself feels very detached from the Marvel Cinematic Universe as it is. That’s not necessarily a bad a thing… but it’s not good either.

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