chanzlyn:Thanagarian Wonder Woman!This was such a fun mashup…

Photo: Michael Pellegrini

Photo: Tier Seven Studio (Bellona Hawkgirl by my side)

Photo: David Ngo (Bellona Hawkgirl by my side)

Photo: Vincent Glielmi


Thanagarian Wonder Woman!


This was such a fun mashup and I can’t wait to upgrade some bits and pieces.  I’ve always been a fan of the “what ifs” and I felt it was only natural to make a “What if Wonder Woman was a Thangarian?”  She already has the Eagle/Bird motif!

There was a Thangarian Nightcrawler at C2E2 last year and he definitely inspired me.  I’ve always loved Hawkgirl but wasn’t quite confident enough to do her just yet so this mash up was born 😀

And the Bellona Hawkgirl is one of my newest and greatest best friends.  She was my inspiration to get this finished for C2E2.

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