So I ReadToday…  The Vision #1 – #12 (Marvel Comics//…

So I Read
Today…  The Vision #1 – #12 (Marvel Comics
// 2015)

Secret Wars was said and done The Avengers was openly embraced as the main franchise for Marvel
and by 2015 almost every Avenger had a solo book (27 books where being
published at the time just focused on Earth’s Mightiest Heroes) the true gem of
the bunch that launched by that moment was Vision. Written by Tom King with art
by Gabriel Hernandez Walta and covers by Mike Del Mundo. The book was labeled
“an ongoing” but the format is actually a maxi-series of 12 numbers.

After his
decimation in Avengers Disassembled back in 2004 The Vision was resurrected by
Tony Stark after Fear Itself and stumbled from various teams until settling
back in the main Avengers team. The Synthezoid character has taken a new step
in his really complicated existence and with a new role as The President’s liaison
with the Avengers. He wants to settle in in a Washington suburb with a newly
crafted family that he built himself. In the first issue we get to meet his
wife Virginia, his son Vin and his daughter Viv. The book stars off with a rather
quiet moment of the android’s family steeling in their new ground. Whoever
knows the character is familiar with the concept of “family” surrounding his
origin (In a nutshell: Vision was created by Ultron whose “father” is Hank Pym,
using the brain patterns of Simon Williams a.k.a The Wonder Man) After
introductions are made for our sintezoid family Simon’s brother,  the villain The Grim Reaper shows up enraged
at Vision and his attempt at “normalcy” with a “fake” family. We get a glimpse
of the driving force of this tale: Virginia, Vision’s wife snaps and kills The
Grim Reaper without hesitation. You see as ther story advances we get to learn
a few things about Vision’s family. One of them is that his kids brain pattern
are modeled after himself but reworked to learn and interpret the world at
their own pace. While his wife… well, that’s another story. One that you will
be surprised to find out.

A glimpse
of the future make The Avengers question Vision’s state of being and measures
are taken to keep him in check. But the heroes learn the hard way that the more
you want to keep things in control, the more the chance you might just unleash
the demons you were trying to keep at bay. This book is a blast to read. It’s
very quiet in nature it shows a side of the character most people is not
familiar with and it pushes boundaries making the reader share the collective
secret that The Vision is a very complicated character with a line of reasoning
that is not human at all… as much as he tries it to be.  Hunt this one down. Is worth your time and

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