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The Be Sharps – “The Union Strike Song (Lisa Needs Braces)”

​Straight out of Evergreen Terrace, all-Simpsons band The Be Sharps are here to share their brand of perfectly cromulent music with the world.

But because barbershop ain’t been popular since aught-six dagnabbit, the band is ratcheting things up a notch, with a groin-grabbingly heavy version of The Union Strike Folk Song.

You’ve never heard little Lisa’s lament sound like this. You can stream/download it right here: www.thebesharps.bandcamp.com

The Toronto/Hamilton, Ont.-based band is the brainchild of singer/guitarist Adam Carter, who grew up on the show, alongside drummer Andrew Bartle, bassist Andrew Rous and guitarist Arturo Fuenmayor.

this is rad. also check out their facebook for videos of other songs.

The Be Sharps have released an EP for free download. It includes “The Stonecutters Song,” “The Union Strike Song (Lisa Needs Braces)” and “Canyonero.”

Hear, hear! these are some good ol’ fashined tunes!

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