So Today Iwatched… Logan // 20th Century Fox (2017)At last.For…

So Today I
watched… Logan
// 20th Century Fox (2017)

At last.
For those of you out there: In a country with socialism, movie studios are not
exactly eager to show their films when they can’t get their revenue out because
of government controls. Venezuela is my country of origin and we are being denied
basic supplies like you know… food, medicines and toilet paper… and movies and entertainment
too. Some big studios have chosen not to show their films in here anymore since
they can’t get their money back. How did I manage? Well thanks to the kind
souls of the internet and digital releases I finally got around to see this.
Does anybody care about what I have to say about this film anymore? Only if you
haven’t seen it or if you want to remind yourself why did you love it so much
like I did.

remarkable that two of the most solid superhero offerings of this year have
focused on the human side of the characters. It happened with Gal Gadot in
Wonder Woman and it happened with Hugh Jackman in Logan. I’ve loved every time
this guy put on the claws. He has made the character his for 17 years and it
was in his last rodeo when he gave us his best performance as the mutant canuck.
One I dare say its Oscar worthy. The story begins with a wary and tired Logan
working a day job as a limo driver to earn enough cash to make sails with a
very ill Professor X. One who is suffering from Alzheimer’s and has to be
constantly drugged, least he loses control of his mutant power, endangering
those around him.  Logan has been keeping
a low profile for almost 20 years now. Because of an unspecified accident in
this time there are no more X-Men and the mutant population is almost non-existent.
Logan is doing his best to work with the means he has but his body is giving up
on him… he has to clean blood and pus from his claws openings every time he
pops them up. His healing factor is not working like it used to and the
adamantium in his bones is slowly poisoning him to death.

Along comes
a mysterious lady called Gabriela looking for a hero. She’s guarding a little
kid who refuses to speak. Logan doesn’t want anything to do with this lady but
his need for cash makes her offer hard to ignore: drive them up to Canada for
20 grand and leave them there in a specified adress. Logan reluctantly
accepts the job while taking notice that a bounty hunter named Daniel Pierce is
after Gabriela and the child too. When he’s set to do the job he finds Gabriela
dead in her hotel room. Scared, Logan goes back to his hiding place only to
notice a new passanger with him in the car: Laura, whom is more than what she lets
on. As Charles quickly realizes what she is, he asks his old friend to protect
her and get her to a safe place. Donald Pierce catches them up and it’s in that
moment when The Wolverine finds out that his past has caught up with him once
more, this time by blood ties.

To say this
film is a compressed masterpiece is to fall short on it. This movie redeems the
mediocrity shown in Wolverine Origins and the missteps of The Wolverine. Director
James Mangold has finally achieved a perfect Wolverine film with a suitable
ending for the character, one that honors the 17 years that Hugh Jackman put
blood sweat and tears playing him in 9 films. With a solid script by James
Mangold and Scott Frank, Logan has all the elements of some of the most solid
Wolverine tales rolled up into one final grand film, one that will drive you
with amazement, laugh and tears like all great films do. So long Hugh Jackman
and Patrick Stewart… you both will be missed.

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