So I ReadToday… Super Sons #1 to #7 (DC Comics // 2017)Talk…

So I Read
Today… Super Sons #1 to #7 (DC Comics // 2017)

Talk about reading
a random book with no expectation and getting your money’s worth and this one
is atop of the list. I usually pick the odd comic for nights like these (when I
can’t sleep) because they usually offer a sheer amount of surprise. I mean,
when you see the first six covers the only thing that crosses your mind is that
this is a kids book or something aimed towards very young readers (much of them
sadly lacking in the comic book medium these days). If you told me twenty years
ago that I would be enjoying a book featuring Batman and Superman’s offspring in
my late 30’s I would have laughed at your face. But here it is. Beautifully
written by Peter J. Tomasi a man who knows Damien Wayne like the back of his
hand and who’s got a really good hold on the corners of the DC Universe and draw
by Jorge Jimenez whose art style fits the feeling of the book like a glove. The
synergy between these two men it’s so great that you’ll get warm feelings reading

Our story
begins when Robin out of boredom recruits Superman’s son Jon Kent to solve a
case regarding the Amazo virus that attacked the DC Universe in N52 Justice League
#35. He’s well aware that the cure implemented back then cured 97% of the
people affected by it while 3% kept their powers. A family who was playing
heroics with their newfound abilities went missing and a mysterious breaking
into Lexcorp has made the Amazo technology available to a mysterious interested
party. While Damian, who is 13, has no problem getting out of his house and
taking these kinds of cases on his own, Jon is just a 10 year old kid who has
to follow rules set by his mother and father around schedules and the use of
his powers. Their characters are literal oil and water  but they both want to help the people in need
and Jon is hungry to experience more out of this world that he barely knows
while Damian acts like a know it-all 40-something drill sergeant . The kids get
to crack the case while facing each other over their massive differences on
background only to slowly come to terms they are more alike than what they
willing to recognize, very much like their fathers did back in the day.

I’m always
glad when a low profile book like this falls on my lap.  We get a lot of character development as we
get to see side by side the growing pains of the sons of Superman and Batman
and what makes them who they are in a very straightforward superhero story that
shows the strengths of their two leading characters doing what they do best,
that being Damian being a royal pain because of the cumulated, condensed
training he’s had in his short life or the naïve innocence of Jon who almost
always just stares in awe at what his so-called friend is willing to do to get
things done despise being able to do amazing feats by himself. It’s also full
of humor and good feelings for those moments when you just want to enjoy a
light reading.  Go and find it! This one
is truly a gem!


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