So Today IWatched… Justice League // Warner Bros (2017)I had…

So Today I
Watched… Justice League
// Warner Bros (2017)

I had to
wait this long to write about Justice League because I needed to process this movie
with a cool head, do a couple more re-watches so I could finally bring myself
to put what I feel about this film in the right words. This is not gonna be
pretty, I tell you right now. This is gonna be messy.

Every single
geek in the world has been expecting this film. It doesn’t matter how old you
are, if you grew up in the 70’s or 80’s chances are you watched The
Superfriends cartoons. If you grew up in the 90’s and 2000’s you are familiar
with the DC animated universe created by Bruce Timm and Paul Dini that started
with Batman: TAS and ended with Justice League Unlimited. So if your age is
between 10 or 60, you must have asked yourself how they could pull off a
Justice League film. Marvel paved the way with the first part of the answer to
that question: A shared cinematic universe.

Warner could have done a film that stood on its own legs with a solid casting.
They sure as hell tried in the past, and the efforts feel through over and over
again (for a time Warner was in deep development of a Justice League film with
George Miller, he of Mad Max fame. The movie was even casted with the big 7 as
the main leaguers).

Marvel had set shop with Phase 1 with the ultra-solid Avengers film of 2012.
Warner must have felt they were really behind on the game. I mean, they had ALL
their properties under one roof and the only thing they have managed to sell to
audiences with some level of success was Batman stories. They decided to begin
their DC Cinematic Universe in 2013 with Man Of Steel, and from that moment on
every single thing they have done has been rushed to try and catch up with
their competitor. DC and Warner have taken a hard fall with every step they
have given. DC films were lost from screens for 3 years after MOS and when they
came back they were lackluster at best. Justice League is no different, I’m sad
to say.

League suffered every mayor problem that BVS had, times infinity. And this time
the movie shows every single problem on the screen. First of all the movie was
overhyped to the point of exhaustion. The trailer did a better job of hiding
the plot (as a matter of fact it’s a great job, since not a single key scene on
the trailer is present in the final film) By premiere time I was already sick
of seeing the league everywhere all over the net and most mass media out there.

When it comes
to execution, Justice League is one the blandest films out there in the
superhero genre. For a movie that it’s about the gathering of the top dogs of
the DC Universe it has a script that is generic on a good day, fairly
simplistic on its worst. There is no deep in here, there is no balance, the
movie is just bland script-wise. I’m amazed that the actors did such a good
work with such poor material I can’t put a pin on any of the guys acting on
this, they played their parts to perfection, doing their best with what they
were given. Except for Ben Aflleck. The man is definitely NOT a good Batman, he’s
already had two movies to prove himself and he has done poorly on my opinion.
Let’s hope these rumors for a recast are true.

The other
thing that has to be criticized is the CGI and the re-shoots. Zack Snyder had already
set a tone for the DC Cinematic Universe, It probably needed a
little tweaking, but the re-shoots on Justice League completely scraps what
Snyder had done. Henry Cavill’s CGI edited face is distracting, it upsets you right
off because is the first fucking thing you see when the film begins. A mix of
PS3-launch game graphics with a simplistic plot and a heavily edited final
product makes this one a loser on all accounts. Make no mistake, you are going
to see this no matter what I tell you. You fucking have to, because it’s the
Justice League we are talking here. But if you have some love for these
characters, you’ll be pissed at the studio for what they did to this film.

Let’s hope
the DC Universe can still be saved with their one hit Wonder of this year.

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