Avengers Infinity War is around the corner, and before you know it, everyone will be going to see it on day of release, spewing their thoughts and views all over the internet with little regard to those that were not fortunate enough to see it right away for whatever reason. Even so, the red carpet premiere is a few days before, and there’s opportunities for things to leak out from that… so in a way, no one is safe, regardless of when you’re planning on watching it!

I’ve decided to make a list of “How To’s” below for those with little willpower, or for those that simply can’t even scroll through an app without seeing something new about the movie. The world is a dangerous place… but the internet is far worse! I hope this ‘guide’ (for lack of a better word) helps…

1. Minimise your social media intake and output:
Seems obvious right? Just get the hell off the internet! Easier said than done… besides, you should be entitled to scroll through your apps if you want to! Unfortunately though, Marvel promote their movies on every social media app there is – Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter to name a few. Not only that, but if you search certain hashtags regarding the movie, you’re bound to see the latest news and spoilers. If you’re following nerd pages (like this one), there’s a chance that they’ll be posting spoilers on there for that “fresh scoop” content… and yes, most will warn you with a spoiler alert, but what’s the say your will is strong enough to overpower your intrigue? If spoilers are there, your fingers and thumbs are itching to see them. Other than that, comment sections are a mine field during this time. You could be passively reading what other people have to say on a particular post, then boom, they’ve spoilt something! Whether they did it carelessly or they intentionally trolled, the spoiler is there, you’ve read it, and now you can’t delete it from your brain! (I do not recommend self-induced amnesia). So, to avoid these things, ‘mute’ what movie pages you have at your disposal either now or closer to the time, and only check the comment sections on posts/videos if they’re completley unrelated to Marvel and Infinity War (though sometimes trolls dump spoilers in random places, so be very aware).

2. Stop watching all the unnecessary footage:
If you haven’t noticed already, Marvel like to post at least a trillion different ‘TV Spots’ (quick, mini trailers) and clips a day leading up to the movie’s release. Though the new footage they show doesn’t tend to be spoilery, one may think that they’d be better off seeing said shots and snippets in its entirety, when you go to see the movie for the first time. Yes, it is a long film… and we’ve probably only seen 0.3% of it via trailers and TV spots, but it adds up, and over time, it diminishes the value of the full movie. Be patient! The two main trailers are enough hype, you don’t need anymore, you’re being greedy! Trust me, it’ll be worth it. If you see one autoplaying as you’re scrolling, keep going! Think ahead to your amazing cinematic experience and how satisfied you’ll feel, knowing you didn’t give in! Again, if you do happen to cave (shameful behaviour!), steer clear of the comments section; keen eyes may have noticed spoilery content within the footage that you hadn’t picked up on yourself.

3. Go to ‘Super Shutdown Mode’ closer to the date:
This is it! Battlestations! The movie is in a couple days and heavy spoilers could be lurking in every direction! Early screenings have been and gone, so there’s a hefty handful of people that will have seen it with loose lips. What do you do?! Easy: Get off social media, period. Okay, I’m being dramatic, but seriously, if you really want to stop your movie-going experience from being contaminated by selfish people, stop yourself from going on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. If you’re on your phone, you can still use the Facebook Messenger app to talk to friends without having the full Facebook interface open at the same time. If anyone at work/school has seen it, tell them to keep their mouths shut… and if they still persist, run away. So far so good, but when you walk through those cinema doors, there could be people walking out of the viewing before you! What if they’re talking to their friends and their voices are dangerously loud?! Head down, earphones in, grab your ticket and popcorn and run! If it seems pretty over the top it’s because it is, but that won’t stop me doing it! If you’re struggling to live without a heavy dose of Internet, watch some movies (make sure you’re all up to speed with the MCU), and if you need your daily fix of Infinity War, just jump onto YouTube and watch the first two trailers over and over again until your heart rate goes back to normal.

4. Don’t spoil the movie yourself, and make sure your friends don’t do the same:
Perhaps the most important rule of all. You made it! You managed to watch the movie, laugh, cry, have expectations blown through the roof, all without having anything spoilt for you – well done! Admirable work! However, the hard work has only just begun. You’ve just seen the biggest and best movie in history and it’s all you want to talk about in person and online. There will be places for you to discuss spoilers – don’t be one of those people that publicly announce the happenings of a movie inside and out, especially when said movie has only just released. If you and your friends have seen it and want to discuss in person, be wary of people around you. If you’re in a busy place like work or school, would it be too dangerous to talk about it? Can it wait? If you can’t help it, keep your voices low! Don’t come barging out of the cinema bawling your eyes out in awe, screaming “OH MY GAWD, I LOVED THE PART WHERE **** did **** and then ****. I CAN’T BELIEVE **** HAPPENED!” Shush… just shush! If you have children with you, ensure they do the same or ground them for life. Imagine someone trying their hardest not to hear anything about the movie, then reading or hearing something against their will? It’s unfair… but you can help prevent that by lowering the percentage of inevitable spoilers. How you ask? Zip it! If you would like to leave your verdict online, please keep it vague, keep it spoiler-free, and don’t mention actual parts of the film in detail. This is a worldwide event, and everyone in the world deserves a spoiler-free experience.

So there you, I’m actually using this plan for myself… I just thought I’d share it with you all so everyone enjoys Infinity War as much as possible! I for one won’t be as active on this blog until I see it on the 26th, just in case you start to wonder. After that, I will be posting like normal, along with a SPOILER-FREE review… emphasis on the “SPOILER-FREE” part. As a whole, don’t be worried about spoilers here on my blog, as I will not post anything spoilery, from the heavy, to the slight. Though be warned, I can’t control what comments I receive, so if you wish to comment yourself, refrain from reading other people’s until you’ve seen the movie yourself! (I also won’t be reading any messages or comments I recieve until after either). Anyway, thanks for reading and good luck with your spoiler prevention quest. Be cautious and be respectful.. but most importantly, enjoy Infinity War!
Joe (SuperMovieManiac) ❤

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