What I’ve come to realise is that big directors and producers are rather bitter and passive-aggressive when it comes to “Superhero movies”. The thing is, the genre of the film isn’t ‘superhero’ – each film offers a new genre and direction – it just happens to be centered around superhero characters. That’s their first mistake: Putting each film in the same box – of course it’d all look repetitive and boring… if that was the case, but it isn’t. If he and others like him took the time to watch the whole franchise, I’d guarantee they wouldn’t be so naïve and snobby.

Besides, how can he unjustly complain about that when he’s making 4 more Avatar films that will be bound to the same genre? Who even asked for a single sequel, let alone 4? Anyone that stands from an outside perspective quickly becomes “sick and tired” of seeing and hearing about Avengers… purley because they’re not aboard the hype train with the rest of us. That being said, you don’t have to be on board… but you also don’t have to hate so passionately.

He certainly isn’t invested in the franchise. He’s a casual fan that’s probably watched the first Avengers, Guardians and Iron-Man 1 at most. Everyone I know that doesn’t enjoy these set of films tend to be people that have seen a couple movies and aren’t invested into the huge, and frankly, impressive story.

Jealousy is a considerable factor too, seeing as though Black Panther recently surpassed Titanic, and I’m pretty sure Infinity War is going flick Avatar from the pedestal. Though it may not be downright jealousy, it may be fear for having his best work threatened from a money-making and sucess point of view.

These movies do a hell of a lot for people beyond simply providing entertainment. All the talk before and after a movie comes out, it’s something an extremely large portion of people can unite and relate between. (Personal story: I met my Ex through these films – she’s old news now because she’s evil, but that’s besides the point!) These films provide opportunities for lesser known directors and writers – to let them shine and knock it out of the park. Every actor that stars in these films suddenly become household names in an instant. These films feel like global events, not just simple cinematic releases… not to mention the charities and competitions, and the constant pioneering of story telling technology that I’m sure is shaping other films and ideas across all fields of film making.

It’s okay to dislike these movies… it’s even okay to hate them… but wishing demise on a set of innocent family films is pretty pathetic. I had nothing against James Cameron or his movies prior to his childish statement – a lot of his films are part of my life… but I’ve lost a bit of respect for him, and I suppose that’s partly because I’m a big Marvel fan. He’s a talented human being, and I imagine he’s incredibly wise when it comes to the world of Film and TV… but that doesn’t mean that every word released from his obnoxious mouth is right and rationally-constructed for that matter. (This is the same guy that said Wonder Woman wasn’t progressive for female leads in film, because she wasn’t as ‘stand out’ as his female characters in his films).

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