Binary Moon

December 1, 2015 admin 0

This is an adult fantasy/action/horror comic based on two females of mysterious origin. They have a predisposition of not being able to wear any pants […]

Blacktail and Marz

November 30, 2015 admin 0

Space… a frontier traveled by not many with dangers lurking from planet to galaxy to… blah dee blah. Here is the story and adventures of […]

The Dreamcatcher

November 30, 2015 admin 0

In a dream world called Gluban, a young hero by the name of Razina find herself with the powers of the Dreamcatcher. Only she has […]

Sunny and Blue

November 30, 2015 admin 0

A comic strip that explores the evolving relationship of an eternal optimist and an eternal pessimist.

The Tales of Lev

November 30, 2015 admin 0

Thomas Lev is no ordinary young soldier. His life and battles rest in a dream-world, Gluban, that resides within a sleeping girl’s mind. Yet this […]


November 11, 2015 admin 0

Elly’s beloved husband was brutally beaten to death, all evidence leads back to her, and the only option she has is to run. Life is […]

JH Sounds presents CRACKTON

November 11, 2015 admin 0

CRACKTON is a webcomic about a man’s inability to function in society. Impulsive, aimless and socially clumsy, Matt Audubon depends on the psychiatric staff he […]

Gurral the Smasher

November 11, 2015 admin 0

Gurral the Smasher! Gurral the Smasher was genetically engineered to battle other kaiju for the sport of his masters, the Arena Lords. He’s good at […]