The Brooding Muse

April 16, 2019 Comic Fan 0

The Brooding Muse is a compelling Webcomic for fans of black and white classic horror comics which fuses classic themes of good and evil with […]

Space Opera Varieté

April 9, 2019 Comic Fan 0

Follow the decadents adventures of a failed south-american sci-fi writer in his struggle to survive poverty! Updates every THU.


April 9, 2019 Comic Fan 0

Hammer and his twin sister, Nail, must climb to the heavens to kill the gods. Fallout from the war in the heavens is destroying their […]

E.T. Girl

January 14, 2019 Comic Fan 0

Ramona Tinsely, a misfit teenage girl, starts having dreams about another planet called Daneb following the death of her mother. When she is suddenly abducted […]

Dillion and Richmond

January 14, 2019 Comic Fan 0

2 idiot werewolves and their vampire pal get wrapped in mysteries and mayhem while constantly trying to reach the bar


January 14, 2019 Comic Fan 0

An adventure following the newly made super hero Silverback as he tries to uncover the mystery of his origins and traverse the problems that come […]


December 3, 2018 Comic Fan 0

_____. (or “nulimbo”) is about a world much like our own that has collapsed on itself and become very strange and dangerous. Our three heroes […]

The Solitary Divide

December 3, 2018 Comic Fan 0

The Solitary Divide is a post-apocalypse zombie outbreak story with a focus on prepping in a new world stripped of resources.

Champions of Far’aus

October 19, 2018 Comic Fan 0

In the magical world of Far’aus, many different people of many different races worship many different deities,but levels of competence differ from person to person […]