Mary Tales

September 4, 2018 Comic Fan 0

Sex positive slice of life tales. Most of my characters are bisexual, so expect a bit of MM and FF, as well as MF.


August 21, 2018 Comic Fan 0

moltoDESTROYED is a growing collection of silly and monochromatic comic strips featuring a cast of fifteen eclectic characters, all of whom are entirely fictional and […]


July 19, 2018 Comic Fan 0

John and Giovanni are brothers who can only count on each other since their mother’s death, which their father was arrested for. However, all is […]

reavenslog ESCAPING LIFE

February 18, 2011 Comic Fan 0

A pleace for imaginative way of escaping daily routine. Some comics, jokes, comments about life – but mostly drawings and paintings. Might get more comic-like […]


February 18, 2011 Comic Fan 0

One night Runie finds herself on Spring, a security chief for a space craft that goes by the name of Epsilon. How she got there, […]

Steampunk Adventures

February 16, 2011 Comic Fan 0

Follow the adventures of this team of Victorian misfits as they sail the seas in their steam boat, defend treasure against a giant mechanized soldier […]

Funny Webcomic

February 16, 2011 Comic Fan 0

Daily comic now in its third year, with a rotating theme that changes every week based on reader votes. Popular themes include White Teenagers With […]