E.T. Girl

January 14, 2019 Comic Fan 0

Ramona Tinsely, a misfit teenage girl, starts having dreams about another planet called Daneb following the death of her mother. When she is suddenly abducted […]

Dillion and Richmond

January 14, 2019 Comic Fan 0

2 idiot werewolves and their vampire pal get wrapped in mysteries and mayhem while constantly trying to reach the bar


January 14, 2019 Comic Fan 0

An adventure following the newly made super hero Silverback as he tries to uncover the mystery of his origins and traverse the problems that come […]


December 3, 2018 Comic Fan 0

_____. (or “nulimbo”) is about a world much like our own that has collapsed on itself and become very strange and dangerous. Our three heroes […]

The Solitary Divide

December 3, 2018 Comic Fan 0

The Solitary Divide is a post-apocalypse zombie outbreak story with a focus on prepping in a new world stripped of resources.

Champions of Far’aus

October 19, 2018 Comic Fan 0

In the magical world of Far’aus, many different people of many different races worship many different deities,but levels of competence differ from person to person […]

Yokai Life

October 3, 2018 Comic Fan 0

100 years ago creatures attack the earth, once 4 warriors won to the leader of the beasts, the rest run away, but the energy of […]

Tut and Groan

September 26, 2018 Comic Fan 0

A badly drawn webcomic full of puns, wordplay and conversations that is updated at least three times every week and has been since 2014.

The Adventures of Superchum

September 11, 2018 Comic Fan 0

Superchum is the world’s friendliest superhero. Together with his sidekicks The Mighty Befrienders, they try to make friends with the entire world, one person at […]