Crossovers In Comic Books

One of the most popular and noteworthy of the comic book business is the crossover between DC comics and Marvel comics. The crossovers commenced in 1975 with a tie in with the wizard of oz. In that comic book, it was Superman and Spiderman. Whether you like the comic book crossover or not, the sensation it caused reverberated throughout the comic book world.
Many more crossovers continued with the intent on bringing up lackluster sales. Their popularity proved that the concept of incorporating both universes into one storyline was feasible and profitable. However, issue abounded. Whereas in one crossover Superman had heard of the super hero Spiderman. In another crossover, both had never heard of each other. That should not have happened. There is no fluidity. Each comic book heroes envelop a very different universe. There could be no way Superman ever heard of Spiderman.

In 1996, the two comic book companies tried again with the four part series. In this crossover, two cosmic beings that were identified as being some sort of brothers became aware of each other existence. The testosterone coursed through the brother’s veins and he would not accept the other. They challenged each other through their respective universes super heroes. The comic book readers decided five of the winners of the eleven main contests, with various clashes taken place within other super heroes. The Marvel and DC writers determined the outcome of the other six battles. The five battles that the fans voted and decided the winners were Spiderman versus Superboy with Spiderman being victorious, Superman beat the incredible Hulk, Wolverine defeated Lobo, Storm defeated Wonder Woman and Batman defeated Captain America.

Eventually the brothers accepted each other’s presence to thwart the destruction of each universe. The acceptance concept in the end placates the comic book writers. The comic book readers (in my humble opinion) were left a little flat. There will never be a clear winner because it is up to the reader which comic books they like. Opinionated people will always choose their favorite heroes. The scenario of comic books battling it out makes financial sense. There can be no clear victor since opinions are subjective.

Both Marvel and DC attempted to rectify the dilemma of characters not knowing each other by employing two things; creating a character that could breach both universes. His name was aptly called Access.

The other event was the creation of an amalgam universe where two super heroes merged into one being. An example was the merging of Spiderman and Superboy. That created the amalgam character of Spiderboy. Access created the amalgam universe to try to stabilize the two universes.

The popularity of the comic book heroes prompted the two main companies to continue with the crossover concept. Superman met the Silver Surfer. The Green Lantern met the Silver Surfer too. Galactus and Darkseid met. Galactus attempted to devour Darkseid’s planet (known as Apokalips). Galactus easily defeated Darkseid’s minions and Darkseid’s Omega Beams, but he could not consume the planet because it did not have any living force to it. Galactus was amazed by Darkseid’s attempt to thwart him knowing he would not be able to garnish power from his planet. Darkseid make clear that Galactus would have done the same thing if the position were reversed.

The financial aspect to the crossovers that had been looked at. The reader’s loyalty also helped propel the continuation. Since you cannot please everyone in the comic book genre, the introduction of comic book heroes visiting each other in their respective universe makes sense.