Dr. Brillenschnitzel

It is midnight and Dr. Brillenschnitzel is taking a piss in the attic, while outside the apocalyptic party is taking place. As he perceives a strange insect it suddenly transforms into a scary dragon who takes him to his own wondrous funeral…

Lately he decides to share his drawn secret records about that bizarre adventure from an other universe with the cyberspace.

You have take a look into this surreal story!

The comic is commented in german, you can read more about the authors opinion on this matter here.

Although it is listed in many webcomic directories, some where unsure if it is a comic. Scott McCloud wrote “I’m actually not all that sure one way or the other looking at the work. Looks cool though. That’s all that should really matter in the long run.”

This is just the beginning Visit www.brillenschnitzel.tk for more

The comic is updated every friday, and provides a free email update with new drawings.


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