Femme Schism

Femme Schism is an adventure in religious tolerance, a tale about a high-tension, interracial friendship, and an unusual rite of passage into adulthood.

In a world plagued by social stratification, only a handful of religions are approved by a singular, powerful kingdom in order to minimize terrorism, ensure conformity, and promote patriarchy.

As leader of the Veruki tribe—a small, matriarchal community—Loto bears the weight of the kingdom as it threatens her people into converting to an accepted religion.

However, in a bet against one of the kingdom’s ambassadors, she manages to win one year devoted to choosing a religion best suited for her polytheistic people.

She now travels from nation to nation in search of an appealing faith. Accompanying her is Haydn, her tribe’s zealous Christian missionary, who is determined to “save her soul” while she explores other cultures’ spiritual practices.

Is Loto genuinely seeking an approved religion for her people, or does the mischievous girl have other plans?

Webcomic URL (Website Address): http://femmeschism.wordpress.com

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