Message Boards For Comic Books

Check out the search engine Google and see how many message boards, discussion groups and general forums there are for comic books and you will be amazed. There are close to two million hits. There are many redundancies in the hits but you get the point.

Message boards for comic books is a place where like minded people can discuss what is coming out new in the comic books, what you don’t like, or what you are fond of. Comic book forums are also a place to pool your resources and find out tidbits of information. You can find sneak peaks of issues of comic books that have not come to the stores yet, and catch a glimpse of where the main character’s storyline continues.

One of the more interesting message boards for comic books is where comic book heroes and villains alike are faced off against each other. It does not matter if they all come from one comic book universe or not. A multitude of entries pit individuals battling it out or they have clusters of comic book characters battling it out against another group. What is interesting to note is the passion the person who initially wrote the message and the responses. People take this subject seriously. I have read arguments between adults on who can win whom.

In order to relate to the message boards for comic books, you should either delve into the comic book heroes and villains history, or already have at least a basic knowledge of who is who. In an archetypal scenario, you have two super heroes and a criminal versus two criminals and one super hero. The battle is drawn and in your mind, you try to ascertain who is likely to beat who based on their power levels, their intelligence and the weapons they employ. When you take into consideration those factors and add location, or which universe they would be fighting in, it can draw dissimilar conclusions to many different people who know the comic book arena. If someone disagreed with your conclusion, that person based it on his or her perception.

In some message boards, people can get mean. They will taunt you on your apparent lack of knowledge of the characters and call you derogatory names. Since message boards are not an exact science and comic book personas are not real, it makes little sense for that type of behavior. A great deal of the administrators that oversee the message boards allow this because of freedom of expression. There should be a point where someone steps in and either strips them of their privileges, or give them a stern warning. Having divergent opinions in a comic book forum, or any forum for that matter, is a healthy way to debate on topics you are interested in. Why make fun of someone that has a difference of opinion, Variation is a good thing.

It is a necessary ingredient to maintain a healthy regard for other peoples view.
Message boards for comic books should be fun and with the intent to inform and to learn peoples views. Like-minded people share a responsibility to keep forums pleasurable while being careful to respect others and their ideas.