“Neo Westchester” began as an attempt to do something I’ve yet to see too many examples of on the web— a political webcomic in the vein of “Doonesbury”.

However, since my own set of personal influences ranges from Trudeau on one end and all manner of anime and manga on the other, this has managed to turn into something much more akin to “Bloom County” meets “Akira”.

Obviously, I can’t promise anything resembling the quality that Breathed or Otomo produced, but at the very least I hope I can offer a nice taste of political and cultural humor and commentary laced with a healthy dose of action and adventure in the form of deadly robots, evil corporations, and the ragtag rebels fighting them both in the streets and the technicolor carnage of online gaming.

I have absolutely no idea who falls into that Russian Doll array of niches within niches, but with any luck it’ll be enough to make a head or two explode.


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