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SCAPULA is the World’s Worst Villain…and I do mean the WORST. A frustrated grouch in a spooky skeleton costume, Scapula fights an ongoing battle to […]

Freaky Freaky Fridays

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Friday and Thea are two perfectly weird roommates who go on various strange adventures, full of quirky characters, monsters, different dimensions, ninjas, dinosaurs, pop culture […]

Monstrous Pulp

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Monstrous Pulp is a place for all the most horrible things inside the twisted, collective psyche of our New God, Pop Culture.

Geeks & Goblins

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Geeks & Goblins is a free comedic webcomic showcasing the tales of a band of adventurers a la fantasy tabletop roleplaying style from the perspective […]

A B & C comic

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A B & C is the flagship comic of Insanity in a Box Studios, based upon the real life events and conversations of creators Brandon […]

parasite galaxy

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Matt, a seemingly average boy lives a boring average life. Until one day, with a single bite into a burger, his destiny crossed with something […]

Lost Pieces

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Estranged twin siblings Adrian and Tora Felton become reacquainted after eleven years, weeks after their eighteen birthday. Despite Tora’s best efforts, however, the gap between […]


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A disjointed webcomic of inner spiritual warfare as told from a emotionally unstable alcoholic hot dog in a hospital bed on an acid trip under […]

Little Monster Girl

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Little Monster Girl is a webcomic started in July 2014. It’s mostly about Zela, a monster woman and her world. Do you like boobs? Then […]