Biter Comics

February 9, 2014 admin 0

Your standard three-ish panel one-off joke-a-day comic strip. Expect off-color humor and less hyphens than this description.


January 16, 2014 admin 0

The 3D Horror Comic! Our greatest heroes, our worst nightmare. Enter a world ravaged by superhumans, where humanity has become the prey for beings with […]

Worlds Deadliest

December 10, 2013 admin 0

The World’s Deadliest is a free web comic tracking a young student of Karate as he travels the world to learn from the Deadliest Martial […]

Flight of the Binturong

December 6, 2013 admin 0

Flight of the Binturong is a space adventure long-form webcomic about two disgraced engineers (Tom Harris & Jacob Shaw) who run a deep-space towing/service rig […]

Taken X

November 27, 2013 admin 0

A sci-fi story that depicts a beautiful and talented space explorer Taken Xyla. She jumps through dimensions finding strange and dangerous aliens.

Oops Comic Adventure

October 30, 2013 admin 0

A coming of age story about a young streetrat, named Oops, living in the medieval city of Castlebury. With the help of his friend, a […]

Viking Raptor

October 29, 2013 admin 0

The ongoing adventures of a pair of badgers in a post apocalyptic junkdump and their clashes with the local capitalist hegemony. Sometimes there is a […]