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The underknights are an elite group of warriors that have served Death for years. They’ve done everything from fight demons in hell to guiding souls […]

Mister G Kids

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Bill Cosby was right – kids say the darndest things! I’m an elementary substitute teacher and I make a comic about it. Most of the […]


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A city is thrown into terror when cell phones start blowing up people’s heads! A lone police chief and a rag tag group of hackers […]


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In a post-apocalyptic dystopia, global totalitarianism has become a normal and even accepted concept of life on this alternate planet. Tribes and societies who have […]

Gifts of wandering ice

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Centuries ago human civilization had been destroyed by some catastrophic event. Ice age followed then. Few tribes survived the cold long enough to see the […]


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In a world where nations are governed directly by gods, a lost god is rediscovered by mobsters and awoken to its power by pirates more […]