Cognitive Comics

January 20, 2011 Comic Fan 0

Cognitive Comics are short stories about original and Golden Age super heroes. The site was funded by a research fellowship for teaching comics to develop […]

Infinity Roads

January 20, 2011 Comic Fan 0

Infinity Roads is the story of a man named Anthony who lived a dream life and the girl he fell in love with during that […]


January 10, 2011 Comic Fan 0

After weeks in hospital, Kate Crowley returns to school scarred, cursed and looking for revenge. But it won’t be easy: her targets are the untouchable […]

Rainbow Duo

January 10, 2011 Comic Fan 0

The Rainbow Duo is a series of comics showing the adventures of 2 gay stick figures in love.

Oh, Dakuwaqa!

January 10, 2011 admin 0

An online highly amateurish comic about a shark and other strange creatures. Started to help me vent and see things differently. By popular demand (of […]

The Comics of Nick West

January 10, 2011 admin 0

At the moment I don’t have a regularly updated web comic. However, I post samples of my work, and sometimes entire stories on my blog.

Nectar of the Gods

December 24, 2010 Comic Fan 0

The realm of the gods is a mysterious, invisible place with several creations that could bring men to madness or nirvana. One of those creations […]

Core 4

December 17, 2010 Comic Fan 0

A couple of oddball high schoolers living in a not so normal world.