space nutz

Space, the funniest frontier, these are the voyages of the comic strip SPACE NUTZ. Its ongoing mission: to satirize the entire science-fiction genre from Aliens to X-Files, with a sense of humor that is out of this world. To hilariously go where no comic strip has gone before.

SPACE NUTZ features the cast and crew of the NUTZ intergalactic media empire, the first multi-channel television network broadcasting from cosmos to cosmos.
Featured programming includes:

The Zedd Show: Zedd’s talk show is the flagship of the network, with one of his brains tied behind his back just to make it fair, he can offend more species than anyone in the universe. On air, even when he is wrong he is right. Off air, he’s just a harmless little green fuzzball.

AstroPickles: Two pickle-sapiens travel the back star ways of the universe looking to turn space junk into space cash, but they also seem to dig up the most dangerous and lethal items in sci-fi history.
The Z-Files: Can ZBI agents Zulder and Zully investigate the totally weird and bizarre without driving each other crazy.

Newszak: The 26-hour a day news channel of the NUTZ network, Stars veteran new anchor Zan Zather, who never lets the truth get in the way of a great story.
26: Follow the real time adventures of ZTU intergalctic agent Zack Zauer as he has 26 hours to save the universe.

Pawn Star Wars: Life at a family run pawn shop at the edge of the galaxy is never boring and always a laugh.

Those at the NUTZ network will always look forward to a word from its CEO and founder, Zonald Zump, the greatest boss in the universe and not just because he says so.
And less we forget, we awill always bring the absolute best in commercial messages from our beloved advertisers.



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