THE FLOOD – a salvation myth

Intake Notes
St. Elizabeth Hospital
Patient :Tamsyn Castillo

T.C. was brought to the hospital after attempting to remove her left breast with a belt sander. She had been hospitalized three weeks prior after a car accident.

Her physician referred her for a psychological assessment, as he suspected the accident was intentional. T.C. was observed for 5 days, prescribed anti-depressants, and was released after committing to an outpatient treatment regimen.

On her way home from the hospital, the car she was riding in was blindsided by a truck. Tamsyn was unhurt, but her brother Tomas, driver of the vehicle, was killed.

During the intake interview, T.C. appeared vacant, rarely made eye contact with the interviewer, and gave sparse, monotone answers to the interview questions. Her tone, pacing, and affect changed when she was asked about the accident that killed her brother.

She reached across the desk, grabbed the interviewer’s pen and asked “Would you [sic] take his place?” She then lunged at the interviewer, who called for staff. T.C. was restrained and sedated. She will be reassessed under chemical restraints.


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