Loving the space vibes! Since Disney has bought Fox’s properties, I find myself wondering about the necessity of this film existing. We already know the current Fox/X-Men universe is running on borrowed time at this point, and we’ll be seeing a grand spanking new reboot of X-Men characters implemented into the MCU in a few years. I guess that shouldn’t stop people from enjoying this movie… Hopefully they go out with a bang and not a whimper.

For anyone thinking Disney will be able to simply cram the current X-Men franchise into the MCU, it’s not happening. Even if they did disregard continuity, lore etc… even if they used the excuse of “alternate universes colliding”, Disney would now be under possession of a franchise that had been going strong for almost 20 years. Disney would be the face of each of those movies that they had no hand in making (which you could argue they’ve done with Star Wars, but at least with that, Disney are simply expanding on that franchise rather than having to cram it with an already-existing one).

It’s the same reason you didn’t see either Andrew or Tobey reprising their roles as Spider-Man for the MCU the moment Disney obtained rights to the character. Spidey had to be completly rebooted for him to be implemented into the MCU (Civil War). If you’re after another example, it’s the same reason Ben Affeck didn’t return to play the MCU version of Daredevil for Netflix, regardless of whether he’d even want to do so. Same goes for the X-Men. Movies, rights, legality, right down to the fictional stuff like lore, continuity etc; these things aren’t as simple as fan fictions. Sorry to burst any optimistic bubbles, don’t expect to see Hugh Jackman stand beside the Avengers… ever. If the ownerships of things were different before the first Iron-Man movie, hell, even before the first X-Men movie… things may have been different.

I trust Marvel and the MCU. As much as I love the X-Men movies, I’m excited to see a fresh take once they’re finally a part of the MCU; where they belong. And I’m not wishing away like 12 X-Men movies in favour of them having been in the MCU from the start, because most of them were amazing films, it’s just a shame franchises have to topple before harmony is established. Disney have just gotta shake Hulk out of Universal’s grasp to eradicate the semi-ownership (same goes for Sony/Spider-Man), and then all’s good!

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