Your Life Is a Movie

Basia and Robert met by accident in cinema – at young filmmakers festival.

She’s an amateur photographer, he wants to be a movie director.

Basia is withdrawn, reserved girl. She thinks it’s time to grow up, give up her teenage dreams about becoming professional photographer and live an common life as most of people.

Robert is optimistic guy who believes if he tries hard enough his dreams’ll come true and he’ll become a movie director.

She sees life as full of leftdowns. He thinks life is a great adventure.

They’re both like opposites, but get along with each other really fast. Their relationship is sorta complicated from the start. It becomes even more complex, as the story moves forward.

Your Life is a Movie is slice of life story about relationships, starting an adult life, dealing with own dreams and feelings. It’s also about how life can be both similar and different from movies.


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